Thank you

A sincere and a big THANK YOU to all those who have done a good job and have contributed to the implementation and success of the project "Children's Dreams": Special thanks goes to Hon. Michael Falzon, Minister of Family, Children's Rights and Social Solidarity, CEO Mr. Alfred Grixti, and all staff of the Foundation for Social Welfare Services (which incorporates Agenzija Appogg, Aggenzija Sedqa and Leap) who are coordinating all the children's dreams.


Project team and sponsors who made it happen:

Triton Diving Services Ltd (Sponsor)

Personal Exchange International Ltd (Sponsor)

Ms. Anastasia Ursachi (uploaded hundreds of children dreams)

Mrs. Natalia Ursachi (uploaded hundreds of children dreams)

Mrs. Roberta Abela (uploaded hundreds of children dreams) 

Mr. Chris Bonello (prepared Online Poster/designs)

Mr. Til Wolters (Graphics for banners)

Mr. Johann Mifsud (volunteer)