Below you will find the answers to questions that might arise regarding the project:

How do the dreams appear on the website?  - The Foundation for Social Welfare Services (FSWS) , which incorporates Agenzija Appogg, Agenzija Sedqa and Leap works with people in various difficult life situations. The social workers at Agenzija Appogg collect the dreams from children whose families are facing difficult social situations or who are growing up in Children’s Homes. Then the dreams are sent to us and the project volunteers upload them on the website of the project, for generous people to fulfil.

Who is actually giving the present? The scope of the project is to help the parents to fulfill the Christmas dream of their children. It is very difficult or impossible for them to reach it by themselves, because of their life situations, so the public will sponsor them to help them to achieve this dream for their children.

What are the benefits for the project organisers? – From the beginning the project is done in a way that it remains completely transparent, which means that everything is done in a way that neither the organizers nor the volunteers that help in the project have anything to do with financial matters. Therefore, there hasn’t been any public body or company established for the purpose of this project, no money goes around. The organisers and volunteers of the project are there to get one unique benefit - the moral satisfaction of contributing generously at Christmas time.

If you have any further questions, please email us: childrendreams@gov.mt.